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There’s significant progress underfoot in Australia’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), with plans for nationalisation that will allow for greater nationwide participation and improvements on current recycling rates. While there have been numerous schemes available in different states, they’ve proven confusing for consumers to navigate, with differing rules between each state slowing down progress and adoption. 

In April 2023, the Queensland government announced plans to expand its Containers for Change program to include glass wine and spirit bottles this year – but it hasn’t been met with support from the Australian wine industry. This points to the continued opportunity for innovative solutions to recycling glass waste that takes into account the needs of venues, distributors, and consumers alike at every stage of the glass waste cycle.

66% – The Important Number

The 2022 National Waste Report discovered that of Australia’s 1.54 million tonnes of glass waste in 2020-2021, approximately 40% of it ended up in landfill. This is also consistent with the 66% of glass containers that, when collected through recycling bins and container deposit schemes, are actually recycled.

This number sits well above national targets that look to reduce waste to landfill by 80% in Australia by 2030, and falls short of a sustainable practice that minimises the negative impact of contaminated glass waste diverting to landfill.

While the expansion of container refund schemes may give consumers more opportunities to recycle their glass waste, there’s still more work needed for hospitality venues that create significant amounts of glass waste on a daily basis.

That’s where BottleCycler comes in. Capable of crushing up to 80 bottles per minute and reducing the original volume of glass by 80%, BottleCycle’s innovative solution means that less waste is generated, and the risk of contamination is minimised, ensuring more of your venue’s glass waste can achieve a sustainable and recyclable footprint.

The harmonisation of CDS arrangements

With Australia’s environment ministers agreeing to the harmonisation of CDS arrangements across every state and territory by the end of 2025, changes are afoot for how businesses manage their glass recyclables.

BottleCycler offers businesses across Australia easy access to their relevant Container Deposit Schemes, advising on the best approach for businesses to get their CDS refunds. Navigating the varying schemes across each state, we’ve simplified the process of working within CDS guidelines to achieve higher rates of reuse and recycling.

The BottleCycler solution

While the nationalisation of CDS schemes continues to take place, BottleCycler is proud to offer Australian venues with a unique solution for reducing their on-site waste. With immediate on-site crushing that transforms glass bottles into recyclable waste, BottleCycler provides a full-service glass management and recycling solution that’s seen millions of kilograms of glass saved from landfills throughout the country.

Our mission to see a world where no glass is wasted continues to support Australian businesses in achieving better outcomes for their business, their team, and our planet. Find a unique solution to your glass waste needs with BottleCycler’s innovative machine, and prepare for the changes ahead in Australian recycling regulations.