A constant challenge for the hospitality industry is sourcing and retaining great staff – and we know that the quality and consistency of a team can make or break a business. Here, we look at why the hospitality sector is currently so short-staffed and provide tips for businesses to find great staff and keep them for longer. 


2022’s hospitality staff shortage

The Australian hospitality industry is just one of many industries hit by Covid-19. From small bars and cafes to large events and stadiums, it is currently a huge challenge for businesses to source staff. Many temporary visa holders or residents with family overseas left the country during the pandemic and have been unable to return to Australia – or no longer desire to do so. 

Further, widespread cases of the Delta and Omicron strains have meant that many staff members have had to take time off work to isolate, putting significant strain on businesses. While patrons are regaining their thirst for dining out and socialising, hospitality venues have been unable to cope. Many have had to temporarily, and sometimes permanently, shut their doors due to being short-staffed. 


What can businesses do?

There are actions that businesses can take to try and minimise the impact of staff shortages. Of course, one of our favourite ways is to integrate BottleCycler’s clever full-service glass crushing and recycling system – it has a big impact on business. 

1-Streamline processes, save space and time

BottleCycler helps streamline processes and daily operations. You and your staff can focus on the areas of your business that really matter because BottleCycler is a full service that manages glass disposal, crushing and storage and waste removal (plus machine servicing and great customer service). 

BottleCycler’s compact and discrete crushing machine is small and quiet enough to be stored on the floor. The staff that you do have are able to spend longer serving customers and less time running heavy crates of used glass bottles to waste storage areas.  

BottleCycler crushes used glass and reduces its bulk and volume. In fact, you can store five times more bottles: waste volume is reduced by 80%. 

Time is money, and BottleCycler customers experience huge savings and staff efficiency. Large, multistorey venues have been able to reduce staff numbers thanks to the convenience and space-saving of BottleCycler machines. 

2-Create a better work environment 

Better staff conditions = happier staff and higher staff retention. 

Now more than ever, hospitality staff in Australia have the luxury of picking and choosing their work environments. It is important for businesses to create a working environment that makes staff want to stick around. 

Workers like to know that their employer cares about them and is taking all measures possible to improve occupational health and safety conditions. Employees love BottleCycler. Easy glass disposal, reduced running around, heavy lifting and handling of glass all help make the working environment more appealing.  

3-Build a positive workplace with good values  

With the luxury of choice, hospitality workers are looking for what sets one business apart from the rest. Having a great sustainability model is a big drawcard for many employees. BottleCycler enables 100% of the glass products to be suitable for recycling and kept out of landfill, helps reduce carbon emissions and conserves raw materials. 

Alleviate some of the stress that staff shortages are causing your hospitality business. Sign up for a one month free trial of BottleCycler and experience the benefits first-hand.