Workplace sustainability encompasses many different considerations: environmental, social, and economic, all requiring balance in order to find genuine sustainability within a business’s operations.

In the hospitality industry, balancing competing priorities can add immense pressure to teams looking to serve their clientele effectively within managed overheads and staffing capacities.

For hospitality organisations looking to find eco-friendly solutions that are also efficient, BottleCycler delivers a seamless solution to the major challenge of glass waste management that not only contributes to heightened environmental outcomes but also prioritises the safety and wellbeing of employees.

How BottleCycler reduces waste and mishandling risks

With its unique approach to glass recycling, BottleCycler is able to reduce waste and the risk of mishandling throughout their venue’s glass waste footprint. 

Instead of a traditional recycling journey, where glass is sent off-site to pass through a sorting facility before it moves on to specific recyclers, BottleCycler directly transports glass to glass plants. This results in a clean, efficient process, eliminating steps and resulting in increased efficiencies.

The BottleCycler method also offers the benefits of:

  • Crushing glass onsite, allowing it to go directly into glass manufacturing and separation and ensuring a clean waste stream
  • Reduced collection noise footprints as a result of collecting crushed glass instead of full glass 
  • A favourable, seamless solution for urban venues, enabling recyclable glass within a quiet and small unit footprint that’s not disruptive to neighbours or problematic within venue space constraints

Improved safety and efficiency

When traditional methods of glass collection are used for hospitality venues, employees are faced with the need to transport heavy plastic bags or full bins to loading docks. This can increase the risk of injury from glass shards and potential breakages, placing employees at a heightened risk of injury in the workplace. This is one simple way to support the well-being of staff within a high-pressure environment.

BottleCycler’s streamlined process offers a complete solution to glass recycling that also reduces the risk of employee injuries. With BottleCycler, employees are no longer required to handle heavy, challenging bins, nor are they in contact with breakable glass bottles. This can also result in time and cost savings, enabling staff to focus on customer demands and an improved hospitality experience. 

BottleCycler also promotes venue efficiencies by reducing the need for on-site collections. With the ability to crush more glass on-site and reduce storage volumes accordingly, fewer collections are required, resulting in less traffic in and out of the venue. For busy environments, this can be a game-changer in supporting the efficient flow of customers, staff and suppliers through the course of daily activities. 

Sustainable for people, businesses, and the planet

The BottleCycler mission is to give the Australian hospitality industry a better, safer and more cost-efficient solution to glass management and glass recycling. By making it easy for hospitality venues to make sustainable choices, every hospitality workplace stands to increase their environmental sustainability while also protecting their employees (and lightening their workloads). 

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