Glass Recycling Myths Debunked - Bottle Cycler

As Australia works towards greater environmental sustainability goals, glass recycling plays a pivotal role. Unfortunately, misconceptions and myths surrounding this process can reduce the impact of glass recycling efforts, leading recyclable glass to end up in an unsatisfactory home: landfill. We’re debunking more glass recycling myths to help every Australian venue and home contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Myth: Glass recycling is inefficient and limited in scope

This myth is easily dispelled just by looking at our partner Orora’s new glass beneficiation plant, which shows just how efficiency and versatility can rise to the top of the priority list when it comes to glass recycling processes. In their plant, old glass is colour-sorted because it’s reused to create new glass bottles, contributing significantly to a circular economy. Rather than sending glass to landfill, it’s retrieved and destined for another life as it makes its way through the beneficiation plant. 

Orora also demonstrates how less energy can be used when recycled glass is the foundational material for new glass products. The lower the melting point, the less energy is required to produce new goods. This gives Orora’s customers access to bottles with recycled content, building an ongoing footprint for each glass bottle that’s good for business and the environment.

Myth: Glass recycling is not energy-efficient

This is one myth we’re happy to debunk. With Orora’s beneficiation plant running on a model of 100% renewable energy, the process of glass recycling offers many opportunities for energy-efficient practices. In fact, Orora’s next furnace rebuild, slated for 2024, will transition to oxy-fired furnace technology, serving to significantly reduce CO2 emissions even further. When energy efficiency is a company priority, there’s always a new opportunity to reduce the energy required to offer sustainable solutions.

Myth: Glass recycling has a minimal impact on sustainability

At BottleCycler, we believe every individual choice has the power to contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow. Our approach to glass recycling is all about increasing sustainability within circular economies. By empowering venues with our on-site glass crushing machines, significant amounts of glass can be diverted from landfills and integrated back into new products. And when it comes to the size of our impact? With over 27 million kgs of glass recycled from our humble beginning in 2002 to now, our on-site glass crushing machine has allowed thousands of venues across Australia to contribute to a more sustainable future. They’re numbers we can all be proud of!


As Australia makes its way towards its environmental sustainability goals, it’s our collective responsibility to dispel myths that could get in the way of sustainable progress. Glass recycling has a crucial role to play in contributing to circular economies and building a future that’s greener, safer, and more sustainable for all of us. Ready to do your part the easy way? Learn more about how BottleCycler’s innovative on-site glass crushing machine can keep your glass waste out of landfills and on its way into a new recycled glass bottle!