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When it comes to the hustle and bustle of Australian hospitality venues, space is always one of the most important commodities. There are all kinds of demands on a venue’s capacity: customers, storage, prep, service, and more. While BottleCycler can’t magically create more customer capacity for your venue, it does provide a groundbreaking solution to the common headache of on-site glass waste management – and it’s not only good for your venue, but it’s good for the environment (and your budget!) at the same time.

How does BottleCycler maximise on-site space efficiency?

BottleCycler is a world-class and industry-leading integrated glass crusher and collector service. Traditionally, the disposal of glass waste on-site required whole bottles to be collected in bins before they’re transported off-site for recycling. This is a labour-intensive process that can cause all manner of challenges for on-site staff, including issues with precious space needed for waste. 

By comparison, BottleCycler’s solution streamlines every element of this disposal process. By crushing bottles on-site before collection, space can be optimised, the process of handling glass waste can become much safer, and a glass recycling rate of 100% can be achieved across an entire venue’s waste management. With BottleCycler, there’s no risk of cross-contamination in sight.

Hidden benefits to your operational efficiency

The benefits of using BottleCycler’s on-site glass crushing system go far beyond offering a sustainable solution to your space-juggling needs. BottleCycler also minimises the risk of injury that accompanies any glass handling, creating a safer and more efficient workplace for each employee. In addition, a reduction in the necessary waste collection means your staff can be focused where you need them: serving customers, not stuck in complicated waste management processes. 

The result? A safer work environment, reduced waste collection costs, and improved sustainability in every drink you serve.

A win for you, a win for the environment

In 2024, how a business navigates its waste footprint isn’t an optional consideration. With more and more customers paying attention to the environmental sustainability of the companies they spend their hard-earned dollars with, hospitality venues who aren’t prioritising a greener footprint are leaving significant opportunities behind, while fuelling a darker future.

Thanks to BottleCycler’s on-site crushing, more glass can be recycled than ever before at your premise. For Australian hospitality venues who are committed to a sustainable future, BottleCycler provides an easy step in the direction of enhanced eco-friendly outcomes and a more positive environmental contribution. 


It’s a competitive landscape in the Australian hospitality world. As a venue owner or manager, maximising space and operational efficiency is at the forefront of your everyday priorities. BottleCycler’s made it easy to address these needs with one single solution, offering an innovative glass recycling system that delivers the powerful benefits of a more sustainable future in every piece of recycled glass. 

Ready to experience the BottleCycler way for yourself? It’s time to make the most of our free trial – we’re ready to handle all of your glass recycling needs in a single call!