Glass Recycling and the Benefits of Crushing Glass On Site

Sustainability isn’t just a catchphrase – it’s a necessary endeavour for all organisations, great and small, who are looking to contribute to the environment of the future. For hospitality business owners who are looking for efficient and sustainable waste management solutions, understanding the footprint of glass recycling is the first step in finding a renewable pathway to a reduced waste footprint.

At BottleCycler, our focus on the benefits of on-site glass crushing isn’t just about the benefits to the environment, but also the benefits to your business and your employees. Our innovative system creates a solution that’s good for you, good for your people, and good for the environment, all in one streamlined, simplified service. Here’s how we’ve achieved this goal.

What takes place in a traditional glass recycling process?

While you may think that placing your glass in the right recycling bin means you’re contributing to a sustainable footprint, this is, unfortunately, not the case.

In a traditional Australian glass recycling journey, recyclable glass goes through a number of processes before it’s part of the circular economy. From collection at various points, through transportation to sorting facilities, this is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. With the risks of contamination and improper handling always present, this method can also lead to waste and disposal, meaning recyclable glass ends up having a preventable waste outcome. 

Our revolutionary approach

In contrast to this traditional methodology, on-site glass crushing revolutionises the recycling journey.

With BottleCycler, glass is crushed on-site, allowing for higher quantities of glass to be managed efficiently and safely within a venue environment. This also increases the efficiency of truck collection points, enabling much more glass to be collected in crushed form than in whole bottle form. For venues operating in urban environments, it’s also a much quieter process, helping to keep relationships positive by reducing the noise footprint of the collections team.

From there, this glass is then transported directly to glass beneficiation plants for contamination removal and colour separation. Intermediaries are bypassed, creating footprint and cost savings that directly contribute to a more sustainable outcome.

For those in the hospitality industry, their glass is now seamlessly integrated into a renewable and circular economy, with the risk of waste and mishandling removed from the glass management process.

Benefits beyond your environmental footprint

While on-site bottle crushing offers a revolutionary approach to glass waste management, it’s also a unique way to protect the needs and productivity of your employees. 

Without BottleCycler, heavy glass waste must be transported through the venue, taking up crucial storage space and opening up the risk of harm during its management. When a BottleCycler unit’s in place, your employees can remain safely behind the bar, serving customers, while BottleCycler quietly and efficiently crushes glass waste in a FOH environment. 


The journey of glass recycling takes a turn for the better when on-site glass crushing removes the risk of waste, mishandling, or harm in its disposal process. For hospitality venue owners, this eco-friendly solution improves their environmental footprint, increases employee safety, and saves time and money by keeping staff members focused on your clientele. Good for the planet, good for business, and good for your people: it’s a win on every front.