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Businesses in every industry are bringing sustainability into more and more of a focus, with everyone needing to do their part to hit Australia’s ambitious sustainability targets. This is particularly true in the hospitality industry, where waste is a component of almost every element of service. From the bottles poured for customers to the way food preparation is handled, finding sustainable ways to transform previously unsustainable hospitality practices is not only important for a venue’s environmental footprint, but it’s also good for business. A growing number of customers are paying attention to the environmental impact of the products and services they spend their hard-earned dollars on – for hospitality operations that can prioritise sustainability; the benefits are multiplied.

Technology can play a crucial role in elevating the sustainability practices of everyday hospitality activities. At BottleCycler, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched glass recycling outcomes, partnering with venues across Australia (and the globe!) to deliver genuine change. While some of the impact technology has is evident, what else can we look at to increase hospitality sustainability?

Using smart technology to become more energy efficient

This may not be the most obvious way to use technology for sustainability outcomes, but it’s certainly effective: smart energy management systems. With advanced systems capable of automatically adjusting electrical components such as lighting, heating, and cooling, venues can significantly reduce their energy consumption through the use of automated technology. 

Tech such as smart thermostats, energy-efficient LED lighting, or occupancy sensors can all contribute to daily small changes that have meaningful, long-lasting outcomes – all while reducing your venue’s electricity costs!

On-site glass waste management

Our on-site glass waste management represents the best technological innovation designed to achieve sustainability outcomes. By simplifying the glass waste management process, we’re able to save glass from landfill with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. For hospitality venues, this can also help contribute to a larger culture of sustainability, with front-of-house glass waste machines demonstrating this commitment to their daily customer base.

Technological innovations in food waste management

A key challenge to sustainability in the hospitality industry? Food waste. Innovative technologies can support the food waste reduction efforts of venues, leading to more sustainable business practices. Whether it’s the efficient breakdown of food scraps on-site or algorithmic tools that provide valuable data for purchasing and preparation decisions, these technologies can help individual venues significantly lower their environmental footprint.

Sustainability-oriented supply chains

The journey food takes from farm to venue table forms a supply chain that’s constantly ripe for technological innovation. In recent years, blockchain technology and AI-enhanced platforms have contributed to greater transparency and product traceability, empowering businesses to truly engage with ingredients that are environmentally-friendly. For venue owners, opting for suppliers who leverage technology to minimise the environmental impact of their logistics is one way to contribute to a greener environment every day.

While we continue to build new technologies that support the sustainability of hospitality venues, here at BottleCycler, we’re proud of the millions of kilograms of glass our Australian customers have already saved from landfill. Together, we’re making the world cleaner, safer, and more sustainable. Contact us today for your free BottleCycler trial!