Large event waste

Spend more than a few minutes in the world of hospitality, and you’re likely to find yourself navigating a large event requiring high levels of energy and planning. Amidst the hustle, the challenge remains: orchestrating these gatherings without creating significant waste. 

One of the most common forms of waste from Australia’s large-scale hospitality events is glass, which, unless it’s carefully directed elsewhere, can often end up contributing to landfill. With an urgent need for better waste management, however, innovative solutions can emerge. This is the case with BottleCycler’s innovative on-site glass crushing solution that quickly emerged as a game-changer for large events.

Why is glass waste such a challenge at large events?

From festivals to conferences, large events are synonymous with waste. This can pose a significant challenge for both event organisers and venue owners, creating not just environmental concerns in the disposal of waste, but also logistical and financial concerns. 

For glass waste, in particular, traditional methods can be lacking when it comes to large events: costly transportation, storage, and processing workflows can all contribute to more landfill than is necessary.

BottleCycler’s sustainable solution

That’s where BottleCycler enters the picture. As a compact on-site glass crushing machine that’s specifically designed for bars, restaurants, and event venues, this revolutionary system can reduce the volume of glass bottles by up to 80%, enabling even the largest of events to move towards a zero-landfill glass waste policy. By reducing the need for extensive storage space, lowering transportation costs, and minimising the event’s carbon footprint, BottleCycler provides a streamlined solution to large-scale glass waste management across the country.

With recent events including the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2021, Spring Racing Carnival, Australian Open, and Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show making use of BottleCycler’s transformative machine, this is a tried-and-true solution for events with attendees in the hundreds of thousands. 

In fact, at the 2023 Australian Open, BottleCycler collected a total of 1,180 bins, saving over 47,000 kg of glass from landfill.

A perfect solution for stand-alone events

While BottleCycler’s machines are often at home 365 days a year in hospitality venues, these machines are the perfect solution for stand-alone and one-off events. By working alongside major waste management companies, BottleCycler machines are available as short-term rentals for indoor and outdoor events.

We’ve thought through every aspect of the on-site experience, including quick one day bump-ins and bump-outs, chute solutions for 2 story marquees, and flexible collection times that can cater to event schedules and traffic constraints.


If you’re looking for an innovative and sustainable solution to glass waste management at a large event, look no further. The introduction of BottleCycler is more than just a business decision: it’s good for people (reducing the manual workload and glass handling hazards for employees and staff), good for business (with cost savings and increased operational efficiency), and good for the planet (with reduced carbon emissions, less waste in landfills, and a step towards a circular economy).

Keen to try BottleCycler out for yourself? Contact us today to organise your month-long free trial!