Diligent hospitality businesses understand the importance of prioritising occupational health and safety. BottleCycler is revolutionising the way hospitality venues and events handle used glass bottles. 


What are the most common hospitality OHS concerns?

The most commonly recurring occupational health and safety issues in the hospitality industry are:

  • Handling heavy equipment
  • Handling awkwardly shaped items
  • Slipping, trip hazards and falls
  • Cuts and abrasions

BottleCycler helps reduce the risk of all the above hazards. Our glass crushing machine and full-service business model help to significantly reduce OHS risks, streamline operations and help hospitality businesses be more profitable and sustainable.  


Workplace environment and physical surroundings

Hospitality venues often have stairs, wet areas, heavy storage doors, kitchens and blocked walkways. Business owners and managers should take measures to ensure that risks are reduced wherever possible. Spills should be cleaned up immediately; stairs and uneven surfaces should be kept dry, lit and well sign-posted. Doorways and walkways should be kept clear, as should emergency exits. 

Stairs are a constant fall hazard, with the potential of causing fatal injuries. South Melbourne’s Albion Hotel saw dramatic occupational health and safety improvements – as well as efficiency and financial benefits – with the inclusion of BottleCycler machines on each level of their 3-storey venue. Learn more about their impressive operation. 


Implementing appropriate procedures and practices

A good business has procedures and practices for the efficiency and safety of its operation. A great business takes time to consistently review and improve these processes to optimise their business for staff, customers, sustainability and their bottom line. 

Much of hospitality work traditionally requires heavy or awkward lifting of stock, glass and bottles and rubbish removal. BottleCycler stores up to five times the number of used glass bottles, meaning less storage space, fewer trip hazards, blocked doorways or the need for heavy lifting. It also means more time for staff to stay on the floor serving customers and performing profitable duties. 

There is an added flow-on benefit of reduced waste disposal costs. In fact, BottleCycler is a full-service company, so all waste disposal is 100% recyclable and handled by BottleCycler. You and your staff can spend less time handling glass and more time growing your business. 


The importance of appropriate equipment

Hospitality venues can be a minefield of dangers, with burns and cuts being some of the most likely injuries suffered by hospitality workers. 

With BottleCycler, used glass bottles are immediately disposed of – in a very safe and efficient way. Bottles are simply placed directly into the BottleCycler crusher, where they are crushed and stored inside the machine. This means no more heavy lifting required, no more awkward trips with cumbersome crates of glass bottles and no more risk of cuts from broken glass. 

BottleCycler improves businesses’ occupational health and safety ratings by eliminating the risks of carrying, sorting and disposing of glass bottles. Gone are the days of lifting heavy bins and trips to outdoor waste areas during staff shifts.

Give your staff the protection they deserve, and your business the peace of mind that occupational health and safety standards are the best they can be. Contact BottleCycler today to learn more.