Making your business more sustainable isn’t just good for the environment. It’s also good for your business! BottleCycler understands that sustainability offers businesses a competitive edge – our customers enjoy significant benefits. Find out more about these below.


Reduction in business costs

Going greener can help keep your business in the green! While an upfront investment is often necessary to establish sustainable practices, the financial savings are worth it in the long run. For instance, converting to a solar power system can save businesses around $500 a month on electricity costs. Governments offer incentives, such as rebates and tax credits, helping with the initial expense.

In 2011, studies found that around 33% of businesses that were integrating sustainable practices saw an improvement in operational efficiency and reduced overheads.

Companies that use BottleCycler see financial benefits. Firstly, our hospitality venue clients are able to keep staff members on the floor where they are profitable – serving patrons. Time is money, and staff no longer have to spend time lugging used glass bottles to storage rooms and outdoor waste bins. Some venues have even been able to cut their required staff numbers per shift.

BottleCycler is space-saving, reducing waste by 80% and taking up 5 times less space than storage of uncrushed bottles. This has the flow-on benefit of reducing waste removal expenses.


Boost your business’ reputation

Reputation matters. Image is everything, and it’s so important for your business to establish a strong, consistent and positive image. Social responsibility and social consciousness are high on the priority list of potential customers, ambassadors and sponsors.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of making socially responsible choices and, as such, supporting similarly aligned brands. As a result, there is a growing expectation that businesses play their part in making sustainable choices. Lego is a great example, with the introduction of plant-based lego bricks, and a pledge to convert all core products to sustainable alternatives by 2030. These changes have led to massive growth in sales and trust in their brand’s reputation.

BottleCycler helps hospitality businesses become more sustainable with ease. Venues that use BottleCycler can proudly claim that 100% of their glass bottles are recyclable. Unlike traditional bottle disposal systems, there is no risk of contamination, meaning all the glass used at your venue will remain suitable for recycling. A flow on reduction in the bulk of waste, thanks to the space-saving crushing machine, sees reduced carbon emissions required to collect and process the glass waste.

Potential customers become loyal clientele if they see that your business is about more than making money. Be sure to include your green business practices on your website and other marketing materials to proudly exhibit the socially conscious stance of your caring business.


Forward thinking

Did you know that S&P 500 companies with established sustainability strategies outperform those that don’t? Adapting organisational practices, technologies, and processes that have climate change awareness at the forefront proves better for your business’s bottom line.

If you want to have and maintain a competitive advantage, it is necessary to prioritise sustainability. BottleCycler makes the transition to a more sustainable hospitality venue so simple. Our full-service offering handles everything from crushing machine delivery, servicing, customer support and waste collection, helping businesses help the environment and their bank balance too.

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