BottleCycler Glass Management takes the hassle and time out of managing used glass bottles. Popular amongst hospitality venues, events and body corporates, we offer a full-service glass crushing, storing and recycling service. The flow-on effects benefit your staff, patrons, your business’s bottom line and the environment. Importantly, we help you spend more time growing your business and less time dealing with glass management.

Find the right glass crushing machine

The BottleCycler unit is a quiet and compact glass crushing machine. Used glass bottles are simply inserted into the closed system to be safely crushed and stored for recycling. The unit is the quietest glass crusher on the market, and is suitable for use on the floor and behind the bar. It is no louder than a coffee grinder – so it comes at no extra ambience cost for both staff and patrons. 

BottleCycler saves up to 80% more space and can store five times more bottles than when storing them uncrushed. Your business saves time and money; keep staff safer by eliminating the need for heavy lifting and glass handling. 

The BottleCycler service

All you have to do is pop the used glass bottles into the machine and get crushing. We handle the rest.

BottleCycler is a full-service, fixed-price operation. We handle everything, including the initial set-up, servicing, maintenance and removal for recycling, so that you can focus on more important aspects of managing and growing your business. BottleCycler account holders have access to our comprehensive and user-friendly BottleCycler portal, where you can schedule maintenance, obtain customer support and manage glass collection. 

Collection for recycling

All glass crushed in your BottleCycler machine is collected by us for recycling. Our machine assists in preventing cross contamination, making the glass 100% recyclable and keeping more waste out of landfill. 

BottleCycler collects directly from your venue. We collect at least once a week, however, the frequency is dependent on the quantity of glass crushed and the weekly number of bins filled.

One of the many benefits of BottleCycler is that crushed glass saves so much space, and therefore reduces storage and waste removal costs, boosting your business’s bottom line. 


Increasingly, customers care about a business’s sustainability ratings and environmental values. They want to support venues that prioritise sustainability and put their principles into action (read more about that competitive advantage here).

With BottleCycler, almost every glass bottle that goes through our crusher machine gets recycled into new glass and requires fewer trucks and, therefore, less CO2 pollution to handle the waste. 

Our portal helps businesses monitor and filter their wonderful sustainability improvements to their customers with the help of environmental reporting. Our corporate clients may receive monthly or quarterly environmental reports. Reports assist venues to monitor and produce statistics on their sustainability and carbon reduction objectives, including the quantity of glass recycled and diverted from landfill, as well as the number of kilograms of carbon emissions saved.

At BottleCycler, we are SO confident that you will love the benefits of our full management service that we are offering a FREE one month, no-obligation trial. You can see for yourself and experience our state-of-the-art glass crushing machine, our quality customer service and the ease of waste removal. Start your trial today