BottleCycler is a revolutionary glass bottle crushing system that helps hospitality venues recycle glass on the go. BottleCycler is a full-service offering, transforming the way hospitality venues are able to operate. Our machine has a host of benefits, helping business owners focus on profit and business growth.

There are four key benefits of the BottleCycler crusher:

BottleCycler is space-saving

The glass crushing machine is cleverly designed to blend in behind the bar. Our leading design is sleek and compact, blending in seamlessly, even when placed front of house. From the floor, staff can load used glass bottles into the crusher as they go. The glass bottles are then crushed and stored inside the machine. We’re notoriously quiet, as well – in fact, it is no louder than a coffee machine.

The BottleCycler crushing machine holds up to 300 bottles. By crushing the glass, the BottleCycler saves significant space, safely and cleanly storing five times more bottles, and reducing storage space requirements by a massive 80%.

Because of BottleCycler’s compact design, it can be used in the smallest hospitality venues. It is also portable enough to be able to be used at events, such as expos, festivals, weddings and parties. We are even a savvy choice made by many Body Corporates and commercial buildings, reducing bulky glass recycling bins and the hassle of bin maintenance.

We’re proudly environmentally friendly

It’s never been easier or smarter to upgrade the sustainability rating of your business operation. BottleCycler’s crusher helps prevent contamination in the recycling system, meaning all the glass collected is able to be recycled. The space-saving nature of the crushed glass means that fewer resources are required for the collection and processing of the waste. It’s a win-win!

BottleCycler is proud to be a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

Indulge in the convenience

BottleCycler is more than a crushing machine: it is a full-service operation. BottleCycler takes care of everything for you – from on-site machine maintenance and online support to glass collection. All you need to do is pop in the used glass bottles.

Staff across the board love BottleCycler too. It makes their jobs easier and reduces the workplace safety risks of handling glass, heavy crates and bins.

Make the financially wise choice

The BottleCycler system is smart for your business’s bottom line. Keep your staff where they are profitable – front of house, serving your patrons. Staff members are no longer required to lug crates and bins of used bottles to storage facilities and outdoor trash bins, taking precious time away from where they are best for your business.

BottleCycler users have happily reported saving on staff member wages, thanks to requiring fewer staff members per shift simply by using BottleCycler. (Check out our Albion Hotel case study to see the results in action).

Businesses also experience savings on waste removal expenses – the lack of contamination in the general waste means less garbage requires removal, and the crushed glass means a smaller physical volume of recycling too.

We are so proud of our product and confident in its profit and operations-enhancing uses. Take advantage of our one-month free trial so that you can experience the benefits first-hand, with zero risk. Find out more here.